Naturally Birthing Sessions

Are you Pregnant?

women support

Are you wondering what labour and birth
will be like?

Are you fed up with hearing horror stories
from friends, relatives and random people
you meet in the street?

Then come along to our Naturally Birthing sessions, and meet other mums to chat and share positive birth stories.

These sessions are FREE, but a donation towards refreshments is appreciated.

We are not suggesting that you should birth your baby in a field howling to the moon but...

As women, we like to meet with other women for advice and support, in particular when we are pregnant and breastfeeding. (we also like to scare each other with stories of how aunties, sisters, friends couisans were in labour for weeks at a time, or had nipples that fell off they were so sore...)

As we move into a time when we are living further away from our close families, the knowledge and support that we may once have had is harder to find.

It is well documented that fear and anxiety can cause longer labours and increase the risks of interventions (Odent, 2003) If all pregnant women hear are stories of how awful, painful, and horrific births can be, then those women go into labour already tense, frightened and unaware that relaxation is the key to an easier birth.

By surrounding yourself with women who can offer positive encouragement, in whichever method of birth you choose, you will find the support and strength to have a positive birth experience.