Books we love

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Here's a list of books that we recommend, for birth, breastfeeding and beyond!

For Birth...


Spiritual Midwifery, Ina May Gaskin. ISBN: 1-57067-104-4

Birth and Breastfeeding, Michel Odent. ISBN: 1-902636-48-1

For Breastfeeding...

Breastfeeding Made Simple, Mohrbacher and Kendall-Tackett. ISBN: 10-1-57224-404-6

So that's what they're for! Breastfeeding Basics. Janet Tamaro ISBN: 1-58062-041-8

Fit to Bust, Alison Blenkinsop. ISBN: 13-978-1-906206-89-5

The Womanly art of Breastfeeding, La Leche Legue ISBN to follow

The Politics of Breastfeeding, Gabrielle Palmer.
ISBN: 0-86358-220-6

Breast is Best, Dr Penny Stanway. ISBN: 0-330-43630-9

For Beyond...

What Mothers Do - Even when it looks like nothing, Naomi Stadlen.
ISBN: 0-7499-2490-x